Book Cover Design Prices in 2018

Wondering what are the book cover design prices for self-publishing authors in 2018? This post is an overview of current pricing ranges for Custom and Premade Book Covers and why there are different price tiers. This post is not about telling you how much to spend on a cover though, it’s just for education and awareness of different options. Let’s dive in!


General Price Range for Custom Covers (Photomanipulated, non-illustrated book cover)

Cover design currently ranges from $5 to$4000! Again,  not talking about custom Illustrated covers (prices are higher for those in general).

Yes, some of these prices are nuts! Both extreme sides of it, are not what average indie author should concern themselves with – low-end is designers who don’t care about copyrights and high-end is for the big Publishing companies. You can see the world’s most expensive cover designer who charges $3750 here. It’s a mind-blowing price.

The Super-Low-End of Fiverr:

For starters, unrealistically cheap covers are coming from Fiverr marketplace. Often the Fiverr designer’s portfolios feature work from other designers online. They are stealing designs. A lot of them also use questionable stock images (free ones that get overused) or it’s not clear where they get the image from. So from copyright perspective, if you work with Fiverr designers, be sure to request proof from where they get their stock photos and the terms that apply to them. If you think about it, how can they even afford one stock photo if they only get paid $5? Stock photos cost more than that and for a complex book cover, you will need more than one.

And if there are reallu awesome designers there, companies and other designers would actually hire them to do work and pay more than $5-20 thus eliminating the need for them to even use Fiverr as they can get paid more elsewhere. So the best designers leave Fiverr even if they start there. Why would a greate designer who can get paid more stay on Fiverr? 


The Low-end that can sometimes work:

$50-200 per Cover.

That’s the low-end for freelance designers who are actually taking this craft seriously and not as part-time gig/hobby. The catch is, the designers here are either very new and just start to build up their portfolio and experience or designer who are stuck in intermediate skill level (warning: design skills don’t necessarily improve proportionately to time spent in the industry – 10 years in design does not mean designer is better than Intermediate).

Sometimes you can get lucky here and find a good designer who is just starting and just want work but their skills are already World Class. That’s a Steal! Rare and won’t last long (as the designer will be raising prices as time goes).

The Middle (Where the magic happens)

$250-600 (often includes print version too, but often the price is for ebook first)

This is the range where the best value-for-price is. It’s the place where the designer can charge normal rate and get paid for their craft well, and where indie authors don’t have to overpay inflated rates. There are also quite a few designers here so competition keeps the prices here, without driving them up more. Most common range seems to be $250-500. Print cover versions can be additional $50-150 (so if ebook cover costs $299, print+ebook would be $399 or $449).

Now, $600 for a book cover is expensive. For indies, it’s considered Premium. Not many indies should spend that much and most won’t benefit much from that. But this is not to take away from designers. It’s just longer to get Return on Investment for the average author.

In general, some absolutely awesome designers can be hired here (like Bookfly Design who I would personally call currently the best designer for indies at the moment). They could easily be making covers for big Publishers and make 2-4x but choose to work with Indies (as working with huge Publisher comes with dealing with Marketing department’s opinion, which often doesn’t know design and start telling you what to do.. Which can be an irritation…). So lower price than $1000 per cover makes sense for designers who want more creative freedom.

It’s also the place where choosing between designers might be the hardest. There are many good designers and some lame ones, so for authors, it can be hard to choose. Not to mention that it’s hard to tell design skill levels as authors have not been equipped to judge designer’s skills easily (that requires knowing design rules and having done design, playing around with Photoshop doesn’t count as knowing design).

To pick a designer look at designer’s articles, social media to see their personality, advice as that can be an indication if you’d want to work with them. Also, pay attention to differences in what is offered for each price, some designers have a lower price but deliver less initial concepts of design or limit the use of stock photos (only one per cover etc). Others have a higher price and seem more expensive but they work faster (first concepts in 3 days instead of a week etc). Some add bonuses, some don’t. I add 3D mock up cover for free, others don’t. Some charge more for a print version, some less. So the cheap price may not be so cheap, or expensive one may not be as expensive as it seems at first sight. 

Refunds and Kill Fees

Most common thing is to offer 100% refund. Terms may vary, but it’s rare for Indie designers to have Kill Fees (think of it like Deposit that doesn’t get paid back, the designer gets paid for some work, but not all of it). Check if designer you want has any Kill Fees, but if they guarantee 100% of money back, they won’t.

Highest-End (and some crazy prices)

This is where covers cost $1000-$2000. That’s the most common rate for cover designers working with bigger Publishing companies. It can be argued that it makes little difference from Middle of the market but there are some designers who are definitely worth that (and for books with a big promotional budget, cover quality makes an even bigger impact on ROI so they are worth the spend).

Not many indies go this route. Not only prices, but the design process is also different when working for trad. published books (designers have way more time to make the cover and have to read the book often, which makes the process longer than working in indie books).

Some good and well-known designers here would be Chip Kidd and Isaac Tobin. I’ve no clue about the prices for those two, but I’m sure it’s well over $1000.

Premade Book Covers

A more recent option for indies has been Premade Book Covers. They are cheaper than custom made covers, often as good (if the designer has good custom covers too).

Why are they cheaper? Because we designers can make them easier, faster and with complete freedom creatively so there is less work hour-wise. Many Premades are cover concepts that were not used when the cover was being designed for a custom order. But there are designers who specifically focus on Premades as the main option.

Their average price is currently around $50-80 (per ebook/front cover) but the whole range is from $15 to $200. Just as with Custom Covers, extremes are not what’s most used. Super cheap Premades will be from amateur designers (who also have lower custom cover prices too) and most expensive ones better be super good covers (and not just stock image + text slapped on it). It’s hard to justify big prices for premades if they are not illustrations or intricate manipulation work. Illustrated (or digitally painted) premade book covers are becoming more common too even tho they are priced above $150 and sometimes over $200. 

The prices have been rising last few years, sometimes due to stock photo price increase. Tough to say if they will keep rising. But in any case, Premades are a good option for any author’s first book or those with limited budgets.



This article is not meant to say, you must pay X rate for a book cover. This is a guideline, something to know and use as context when judging cover designers. Some pay more, some pay less. Some people boast about getting the cheapest deal, and others about buying Premium and others focus on paying more once, rather than pay less and worry about it later. It’s personal preference and we live in a great age for self-publishing, where anyone can find a designer for their budget.


P.S. If you have any tips, questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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I'm Adrijus and I'm a big reading, creativity, business, and music fan. I love all things Creative and working with Adobe Photoshop. I've been a book cover designer for over 7 years working mostly with self-publishing authors and small presses.

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Sonni Quick Reply

I’ve been looking at your book covers for quite some time – since I started writing the book I’m still working on, hoping to see a cover that expressed my book because your premades are so reasonably priced. I haven’t found one yet. I have a vision of what I want the cover to be. I found a digital artist whose work impressed me and he agreed to do the artwork. Recently, because of personal issues, he told me he wouldn’t be able to do it. So I’m back to looking again. Your article provided a good explanation of the different pros and cons of toes of designers and what they charge. To get a good feel of types of covers authors have chosen I have looked at many book covers author’s at book sites. Some are good and some aren’t. Are they interesting or look slapped together. I know the cover can make or break your book because it is the first thing a buyer sees. It has to create interest. It should tell a story and relate to the book. Colors matter. I’ve given a lot of thought to my cover. I should be able to hang it on my wall as a piece of art. I also want to use the cover to brand other items in addition to the cover.

I know you get what you pay for. If an author’s book is important to him/her and not just a badly edited, run of the mill romance or detective story, (I’ve “tried” to read many of these books) then any old cover won’t do. There are as many inexperienced editors as there are book cover designers. A new author needs to do a lot of homework to know how to choose wisely. Unfortunately, it often comes down to cost.

    Adrijus G. Reply


    Glad it can be of help. Feel free to ask any question about this or about some designer’s skill level. It is possible to get very very affordable cover but it takes ‘hunting’.

    And editing is the same. I know as I need it(and have no skill for it). 🙂

    Jenny Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing a great information. I appreciate your time and effort in your work. Keep posting.

      Adrijus G. Reply

      Thank you!

Carly Reply

Hi! I felt the need to comment here as a self-employed illustrator. $3750 is NOT an outrageous fee for a book cover design. A lot of work goes into illustrating a cover design, including multiple rounds of edits and the book will be printed thousands if not millions of time with no royalties paid to the artist. Not to mention, that designer is also including ownership rights of the image in that quote. I appreciate you needing to sell your own business but you don’t need to call out other artists as what NOT to do and diminish their pricing which you know nothing about.

    Adrijus G. Reply

    Maybe you should realize this article talks about Photoshop covers and not Illustrated covers…

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