Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Premade Book Covers

Collection of Premade Book Covers for Crime, Action, Thriller, Suspense and Mystery genres. Each cover costs $70 and is only sold once, so first come, first serve. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. So for both, ebook and print covers, you’d pay $120 total. Covers are in all kinds of genres.

How it works:

1. Pick the cover you like and remember the temporary title it has

2. Email me at the title of it along with your details for the book (author name, title etc)

3. In 24-48 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview.

4. Once the design is approved by you, I’ll invoice the payment. After payment is done, I’ll send you the final files

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      Military book cover    technothriller book cover political thriller book cover premade thriller book cover                                          Premade Thriller Book Cover                                                                                equalizer sound-of-silence graceless baller rushed charmed jail-break bounty wretched framed way-through impulses storm-cloud night-shift freeman manboy assault executors forced-to-survive riley marky distraught lead patient-nine lounge brewing-trouble trown big-trouble hide-out ridealong city-run unknowns scrubs normalized hooked angriest kelly zelda deputy murderous depressions danger-to-society fuming mike Districts Last Chance Brock What Ward 8 Saraya Jenine Strongly Hikes Displacement Disintegrate Happy Few Abagnale Distant Lowdown Manhattan Story Sargeant Rejected Gatesville Headspace Ingenious Broken Dream Forgotten Sinner Above & Beyond Introduction Wild West LNS NSM Helpdesk Interrogator Huckster Afternoon Grove Bay of Hope Ectos Colds Trapings Predator Icy People Bradley Intensity Storyteller Dirty Boy Stalkish Defeats Absence Uptown Motivated Flocking Twists Shopings Sideways Electro 5 Miles Under Beautiful People Canyons Climbers Spelunking Trevor Wrong Way Park Day Foxroad Debts Trial Treason Short Man PI Files Kills Inner Critic Incursion Grosely Goals Distance Developers Breakdowns Blindsided Challenger Bridgeport Sacrifice Unstuck Whiplash Unsteady Maniac Surfs BBQ Paparazzi Oldens Route 55 Evacuation Secure Untamed Views Jumpy Generator Solids Smug Trifle Toffer Sleepy Hollow Konikovs Gathers Gym Talk Uniques Parktown Laytown Deepest Waters Attempt VIP Tracers Sweet Guy Obsessions Morning Off Johnson Hope Avenue Visiting Lights Angsty Hunter Stories Gutter Grand Plan Speeder Target Acquired Constrains Instructed Project L Beaches Range Treshold Outsiders Without Mercy Watchmen Tropical Lies The Gypsy SPy Tracker Malice Devin El Jefe 2 Final Note Codename Troubling Tremblings Threat Assessment Blurred Crisis sm Collected Deal Done Nobody Loud Signal Drunkos Iced Out Knocker Bator Coldest Day Standouts Sabbatical No Luck Judgement Hard Hits Games Played Ruthless Mediocre Permanence Gestapo Snow Storm Antarctic Stranded Trippin Test Drive Fraction Creeptown Withdrawn Rebeling Months Made Up Inevitable Grinding Bay Area Boyhood Central Upstream Slopes Regulars Railroad NYC Movement Sailors Vacations Meet Point Let You Go Discoveries Church Type Cavers Calculate Shanghai Remnant Motors Plenty Public Merchants Square Options Arrogant Rocks Seasons Austin Brittle Distractions Access Trackless Settled Poolhall Amazon Teammates Nothing Franko Aliby Bootcamp Consumed Dizzy Falling NAVY Jams Poker Losing Sleep Troika Vegas Holidays Losing Sleep Drunk Games Lip Service Line Up Gamers Leftovers Brian Shrieking Trophies Trials Finished Biz Dev Stronger Popular Autobahn Brothers Pinned Soldier of Fortune Chased Hooligan Blackie Lazies Kristine Ambushed Cat Speeds Snitch Walled Last Shot Gen Y Judy Rocker Skyfall Frowner Caged Silicon Valley Lively Lackeys Pissy Staged Hitter Title Shot Mistified Messes Bullets AntiHero Grinding WTF Man X Jackal Rise Up Given Private Eye Unknown Special Winners Club Deserter War Time Frida Detective Buffy Looking Bridge Urban Legend Tram Lines Owner Pilots Locksmith Ruse Rush Hour Seduced Normal Maniacs Jumper Blow Cut Off Dozer Enemy Lines Trainer sm China Town 12 Rounds Codebreaker Abandon Swerve Street Smarts Fugitive Maryland Getting Closer Found Things Feisty Couple Dark Winter Crossing Ace Passing By

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