Collection of Premade Book Covers for YA, Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. Each cover costs $60 and is only sold once, first come, first serve. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. So for both, ebook and print covers you’d pay $110 total. Covers are in all kinds of genres.

How it works:

1. Pick the cover you like and remember the temporary title it has

2. Email me at the title of it along with your details for the book (author name, title etc)

3. In 24-48 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview.

4. Once design is approved by you, I’ll invoice the payment. After payment is done, I’ll send you the final files

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               reputation layan charmed graceless eternal knowhere pretty-cold glamour dinah melina piper over isla angriest intriguing anita warmaster sublimation keen coco imogen escalate demi Monumental All Red Toughness Friendly Monsters Charmaine Hypnotica Revelation Shatterdome Stronghold Fallen Biters Athena August Hapless Tammy Molly Escapist Trial Error Marcy Gianna Episodic Sati Neddard Sweet Soul Feminine Ceremonial Leyla Kendra Slayer Mindy Simone Metaphysical Cruiser Frenemy Creek Taylor Leaver Queensbury Potions Madder Shopaholic Grifter Evelyn Goalless Sibling Trickster Winter Soldier Mistresses Skipper Milena Astral Furion Maker Arianna Daniela Essentials Drowned Marcela Skeletons Distraction Love Song Dileta Gillian Danica Pamela Praylist Dreadfull Imager Craven Penelope Puppet Master Melania Starlet People Person Turned Lake Beasty Daisy The Other Florence Winner Marry Offered Wondrous Limitless Diviner Teresa Relation Artsy Good Luck Kristen Veronique Sunny Treaty Hudson Darkest One Miss Independent Unrealistic Above & Beyond Gothics Remover Harsher Energetic Erica Boggie Master Healings Discoverers Make Believe Ingrate Wildly Different Scribbles Orana Perceptive Minx Sandra Instigate Excited Petra Beyond True Colors Colds Ambrosia Years Ago Unpopular Selfless Crushers Silenced Warpath Mutiple Futures Inside Out Pretties Tryhard Defeats Tester Day & Night Fantasies Beneath Mistakes Wisconsin Snow Burn Realms Reacher Instagrams Electro Beautiful People Trevor Melodramas Farmville Decoupling Fitly Yoga Weeping Lady Sweet Dreams Seller Seductress Scaries Norma Intents Journey Hostile Hearts Doubters Sublime Contraction Valentina Celebs  Cleiton BBQ Squadron Once Upon Shielded Megastar Givers Fainter Couple Standout Sofia Matched Carer Mates Holograms Gathers Dame Denials Deepest Waters Invida Mystery Light Devils Hand Earliest Dominika Modicum Detacher Spelldust Quietly Megan Francine Believing Cura Icons Mystic Mac Shyness Everland Wherabouts Johnson Nida Parting Ways Range Wood Calls Treshold Hunter Stories Elle Colder Celebrities Chaotic Desperate Crucial Cosplay Randomness Long Distance Joyous Incredibles Floweress Fox Queen Devil Supporter Strange Energy Occult Target Acquired Hidden 2 Split Up Dreamers Disdained 2050 Maggy Troubled Jane Trisha Stuardess Roaring Fighting Girl Magica Restless Victoria Witch Hunt Fancy One Distanced Season Thea Unmissable Jasmin Dazzling Sunny Tropical Lies Prodigal Spell 2 Devin Weddings Magicness Urban Myth Brutus Rachel Preached Destiny Ghost of Me Happy Hour Unmerciful Madonna Crisis sm Gladiators Collected Weirdo Called Atalante Student Wins and Loses Fairy Golden Fairy Killer Tessa Reserves Shaker Damned Bator Workers Standouts Tireless Slaved Games Played Faux Hassan Bleeders Acting Weekend Crush Virtuals Waves Ladies Tricky Robots Mystique Missy Mercury Deaf One Miriam Deuces Breathtaking Follow Statues Stalling Princesita Sarah CBX Cat Shrinks Crazy Ones Miranda Judy Skyfall Jillian Silicon Valley Tiffany Happy Friendships Shuffler Forces Stoned Honest Jackal Micro Given Winners Club Panic Bacteria Saviour Looking Iced Hightower Starburst Trainer sm Magician Codebreaker

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