Making 1500 Premade Book Covers in 2023


This is a post where I will post all premade book covers that I will make in 2023 – the goal is to make 1500. Usually, I make between 400 and 600 so this will be a great stretch goal.

All of these covers are added to the shop as they are made so some will be available for a long time, and some might be sold by the time you see them.

Without any further ado, let’s get into covers:

January 1st:

Excited for the challenge, the results should be good if sales remain consistent and the recession doesn’t kick our butts. We’ll see about that.

January 2nd

Not too creative today but 4 more done.

January 3rd

Nice day. Need to do more diverse covers but it’s not coming out so far 😀

January 4th

Good day. 4 designs and even 1 Sci-Fi cover finally. Weird idea but will make more of those during the year, really lagging in Scifi selection.

January 5th

Good day. Bit more variety today.

January 6th

Not a productive day. But at least made 1 postapocalyptic book cover finally. 24/1500.

January 7th

4 designs for a 28/1500 total. Not the most inspired day.

January 8th

Not a creative Sunday, like both covers but couldn’t come up with more ideas. 30/1500.

January 9th

Chugging along. 32/1500.

January 10th

1 design done. Ton of work for customs. 33/1500.

January 11th

2 more new designs done.

January 14th

2 more. Finally made a dystopian premade cover after a long time hehe 37 out of 1500.

January 15th

Only 1 cover done. Stated doing video marketing things for TikTok and Youtube so that is taking up a lot of time. Need to adjust. 38/1500

January 16th

Good day, 4 designs, experimenting a little. 42/1500

January 18th

Only 1 today but a good one. 43/1500

January 19th

2 more covers. Now at 45/1500

January 21st

3 designs done. Hard to manage things. 48/1500

January 22nd

Only 2 designs but quite happy with them. 50/1500

January 24

Another dystopian cover made, really need more of these. 51/1500

January 25th

Good day! 56/1500

January 26th

5 more. And 1 has already sold. 61/1500

January 3oth

5 more. 66/1500. More romance/erotica incoming and starting to catch up to the needed pace.

January 31st

6 new designs. 72 out of 1500 now. Making lots of romance/erotica to shore up the selection better.

February 1st

3 new designs today. 75 out of 1500.

February 5th

3 new designs again. 78 out of 1500.

February 6th

1 design today. 79 out of 1500.

February 7th

5 new designs. Got home and can focus better. Some personal issues continue. 84 out of 1500.

February 8th

5 more designs and 89 out of 1500. Coming up with titles is a B word but can still sneak in a funny one sometimes…

February 9th

Good day, made 8 premades made, 2 sold.

February 10th

5 premades done. Keeping on, keeping on.

February 12th

Missed a day, 1 done today.

February 14th

6 designs done, catching up for few days.

That’s it for now. If you have requests for designs, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll see if I can do something about that.

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