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Join the 5-Days to Better Book Covers Mini Course and learn how to see book covers more like a cover designer which will allow you to pick better covers, hire better designer and sell more books. I will send you 5 short, information-packed emails and you will not see book covers the same way again. Leave your email address below to get access:

Here Is What You'll Learn!

Cover Designers 'see' book covers differently than authors, just like authors 'read' books differently than an average reader. In these emails I will try to bring you into the mind of a designer and show how we think. I could call these 'design secrets' to entice you more but in reality, these are principles every author should know:

  • Book Cover Design Structure - an invisible thing to the naked eye but an absolute must to have in every cover. Once you learn about it, you'll likely see it on every cover.
  • Book Cover Typography - one of the most common mistakes with bad covers is bad text, this email will analyze two book covers that have bad typography and show why it messes them up.  
  • Good Book Cover Checklist - all great book covers have certain things in common. This email shares a checklist of most important things to have in a cover. Over my 7+ years of designing covers, these stand out the most.
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    Bad Book Cover Critique - the most 'look through designer's eyes' email. You will read my critique of a bad cover and how I'd fix it. 
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    How to Screw Up a Great Cover - sometimes one mistake can take a cover from 'great' to 'barely good'. It's not fair, but it happens. This email will have 3 covers that were so close to being great but one or two mistakes screws them up!

Learn All These by Joining the Mini Course!

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