Sell More Books With Better Book Covers

Join the 5-Days to Better Book Covers Mini Course and learn how to see book covers more like a cover designer which will allow you to pick better covers, hire better designer and sell more books. I will send you 5 short, information-packed emails and you will not see book covers the same way again. Leave your email address below to get access.

Here Is What You’ll Learn!

Cover Designers ‘see’ book covers differently than authors, just like authors ‘read’ books differently than an average reader. In these emails I will try to bring you into the mind of a designer and show how we think. I could call these ‘design secrets‘ to entice you more but in reality, these are principles every author should know:

  1. Day 1: Book Cover Design Structure – an invisible thing to the naked eye but an absolute must to have in every cover. Once you learn about it, you’ll likely see it on every cover.
  2. Day 2: Book Cover Typography – one of the most common mistakes with bad covers is bad text, this email will analyze two book covers that have bad typography and show why it messes them up.  
  3. Day 3: Good Book Cover Checklist – all great book covers have certain things in common. This email shares a checklist of most important things to have to when you order or make better covers. Over my 7+ years of designing covers, these stand out the most.
  4. Day 4: Bad Book Cover Critique – the most ‘look through the designer’s eyes’ email. You will read my critique of a bad cover and how I’d fix it. 
  5. Day 5: How to Screw Up a Great Cover – sometimes one mistake can take a cover from ‘great‘ to ‘barely good‘. It’s not fair, but it happens. This email will have 3 covers that were so close to being great but one or two mistakes screw them up!

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