Nanowrimo Book Cover Challenge 2

With Nanowrimo just around the corner, I’m starting another 30-day premade book cover creation challenge. I’ll be creating 200 premade book covers in these 30 days and use this post as an accountability place. Last year’s challenge results were 320 created premades.

This year I’m starting it a bit early due to personal reasons but I really enjoy it and don’t want to miss it. I can’t go for 500 premades as I wanted originally but at least is the goal.

So from today, 20th of October, you can follow this journey here. I’ll post all covers daily below.

Day 1 – October 20th

Notes: Excited to start the challenge, altho swamped so much I can’t do the needed pace for now. Will need to make up a lot of ground starting mid-challenge.

Day 2 – October 21st

Notes: Found many many good stocks for Horror and Paranormal stuff so quite loving making these now.

Day 3 – October 22nd

Notes: Still swamped with custom work… mixing up some romance genre covers in so it’s not just dark and gritty stuff… but more of dark stuff is coming as it’s really ‘clicking’ at the moment for me. I have not made plenty of them in last months so good to catch up.

Day 4 – October 23rd

Notes: More creepy stuff!

Day 5 – October 24th

Notes: Still quite inspired to do dark and scary genre covers… have been making lots of Romance covers in the last few months so maybe the creative juices are swinging the opposite way now…

Day 6 – October 25th

Notes: Even more dark and gritty covers but need to add more diversity in the coming days. Seems like I’m catching up with custom work too to clear up some more time for premades. Still quite excited about the challenge. Expecting the middle to be the most ‘slog through’…

Day 7 – October 26th

Notes: I keep riding the dark cover inspiration wave and will do so while it lasts… it helps me stay productive with these while still having lots of custom cover work. I really really love ‘The Realm’ cover… I never expect my covers to inspire a story but I really really hope someone will love this cover and have a great story to match it!

Day 8 – October 27th

Notes: Finishing up the weekend with 3 more designs. The first week hasn’t been on the needed pace for 200 designs yet, but I think I will be able to pick it up in a week and catch up.

Day 9 – October 28th

Notes: Will switch to more broad genre covers from now on to add more variety. I do think there still will be more of these Horror-y, Supernatural and definitely Dystopian covers (really need those!) coming.

Will keep updating daily with new covers! Stay tuned! 😉

Day 10 – October 29th

Notes: And finally making different covers! Romance covers get bought a lot so made 6 today. It’s a bit hard to re-orientate towards making these after doing all-dark designs but I’ll get there. I also picked out hundreds of stock photos for the next covers in like 3 hours. Lots more romance coming but need to make some different genres too. Browsing ton of good stocks and preparing for next ones is fun.

Day 11 – October 30th

Notes: Getting into the romance genre cover ‘state of mind’… Hopefully, will make some really good ones in the coming days and then will move to making Sci-fi/Fantasy cover batch.

Day 12 – October 31st

Notes: Few more Romance covers. Getting into the groove slowly. Reminder to myself to make more Christmas-themed covers too cuz ’tis the season!

Day 13 – November 1st

Notes: Downloaded some new cool textures and made some bare-chested dude covers. Looking for some good Christmas-fitting stocks and more textures for next covers. Weekend should be productive!

Day 14 – November 2nd

Notes: Not having a good weekend but keep chugging along with romance covers. Need to make some Erotica covers I remembered, not just Christmas ones so had a few today. Still not figured out how to make great Christmas covers. Need to work on that!

Day 15 – November 3rd

Notes: Feeling like I finally got into the romance/erotica cover groove more. Finally. Have high hopes for some of these covers!

Day 16 – November 4th

Notes: Trying to make more diverse romance and erotica premades… need to make some of my old style darker and grittier paranormal covers too.

Day 17 – November 5th

Notes: Toothache is getting in my way so not really productive! Not good.

Day 18 – November 6th

Notes: Pretty much maintenance mode with the tooth issue for next few days. Which will really make last week of this challenge hard!

Day 19- November 7th

Notes: Experimenting with some subgenres… still slow!

Day 20- November 8th

Notes: Not sure if such genre as Post-Apocalyptic Romance is popular at all… but there is a cover for it now…

Day 21- November 9th

Notes: Making some last romance premades for next days. Not sure what comes next (if I can do Scifi which I want but don’t have ideas for). But hopefully, it will be good!

Day 22- November 10th

Notes: Toothache is giving me hard time working so not much done. But I really like these 3 covers.

Day 23- November 11th

Notes: No work done today. I went to the dentist and didn’t work afterward.

Day 24- November 12th

Notes: Worked on custom covers only to catch up after the missed day.

Day 25- November 13th

Notes: And now back to making different genres. I’m not getting to 200 completed premades as there’s just too much work with customs and few author websites to be done, but I’m not quitting either. These are fun to do.

Day 26- November 14th

Notes: Some more thriller and paranormal covers done. Will get over the 100 cover amount for the challenge at least. That’s the smaller goal with few days left.

Day 27- November 15th

Notes: Really love this Sci-fi Portal Jumper cover made today.

Day 28- November 16th

Notes: Almost done with the challenge. Some more thriller covers coming as one of my main genres.

Day 29- November 17th

Notes: Second to last day and finally crossed the 100 covers done mark.

Day 30- November 18th

Notes: Aaaaand it’s done! Finishing the challenge at 105 covers. Didn’t reach the goal but I wouldn’t have done even 40 probably this month without it. I need to do another one and go for 500 premades. And clear up the whole month just for it. Otherwise, it’s just too much. But it’s fun!

Anyway, hopefully, you like these covers! Thanks for checking them out and if you want any of these contact me to book them through Contact page! 😉


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    1. Adrijus G.

      Thanks! I like that one a lot too. Came together well!

      Thanks for taking the time to check them out! Hope you’re doing well!


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