Quarantine Covers

So, we’re all stuck pretty much. Boring! Being productive isn’t easy too. Even tho it should be with so much more time available… but it isn’t!

I’m gonna try to use this time for making many premade book cover designs and come out of these weird times better and stronger. It’ my first recession as self-employed so I really want to not mess up 🙂 Last one, in 2008 was a hard one as little-skill-young-stupid guy. I gotta show up better this time!

On today, May 1st 2020, I’m starting a 30-day challenge to make new premade covers daily and get to a new record – 350 designs. I’m currently at 327 designs as record. This means I need to average about 12 designs a day!

Which might make me go bolder…


It should also be a bit of fun and maybe make my productivity more stable.

And even more maybe (yes, not grammatically correct lol but bear with me), it can inspire others to take on some challenges too. Maybe you could make one for yourself? For writing or marketing?

Or not. No pressure. Now, I’ll be uploading new designs on this post and try to keep exact record of how many covers were made daily. If it happens that you want one of these designs, they will be available for sale pretty much straight away in the shop – currently as premade ebook covers, browse all here.

May 1st

Notes: Weak start! Dealing with lots of custom work but should ramp up as days go.

Current total: 3

May 2nd

Notes: Much better day premades wise… 7 is much closer to what I need daily. Quite a diverse bunch today too.

Current total: 10 out 350

May 3

Notes: Decent Sunday… stuck to thrillers and romance to be able to do things faster. Seem to be going easier these days than most other genres. But that will change. Will have some genre-specific days in future. Seems to work to speed up things with certain genres.

Current total: 17 out 350

May 4th

Notes: Slow day, mainly due to custom covers and other designs. Actually had to decline some new work too to not overload.

Total Count: 22 out 350

May 5th

Notes: Slow day for premades but just pushing forward.

Total amount: 26/350

May 6th

Notes: Not a bad day! 8 isn’t 12 but it’s getting closer.

Total: 34/350

May 7th

Notes: While I got some bad news yesterday in relation to business, the day turned out better productivity-wise. More experiments with genres today too.

Total amount: 44/350

May 8th

Notes: Had a cr.ap day. 4 designs done only… but happy with them in general. High hopes for ‘We The People’ cover altho it’s a techno-political thriller probably so wouldn’t be a very popular genre mix.

Total: 48/350

Stay healthy and creative! 😉


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