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Hello! If you’re looking for an affordable premade book cover that can help your book become a bestseller, I have a collection of about 1000 of premade covers available for sale! They come in many genres and are a great fast option for getting your book cover design. These premades start at $50. Each cover design is original, only sold to one author, so it’s a first-come, first-serve situation.

Bulk discount of 15% applies automatically if you buy 3 covers or more, at the same time.

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How process usually works:

1. Pick the genre you need and click on those preview covers below. That will open a new page with the full catalog of premades in the genre/subgenres related. You can browse around and even add them to a Wishlist.

2. Pick the premade book cover you like and you can order it through Add to Cart button while also adding updates you need (like print cover update or audiobook cover version etc). You are NOT charged yet, this is just like collecting groceries in your basket.

3. Once you picked your covers and their updates you can then actually pay for it by going to Checkout from your Cart, that way you are reserving the covers and taking them off the market (no one else can buy them). All you do is enter information for the covers (title, etc) and then move on to pay with Paypal or credit card.

4. In about 24 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview. We will do updates as needed from there.

What Authors are Saying:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A premade book cover is a newer way for authors to get covers for their books faster.

Instead of hiring a cover designer and going through full design process (exchange information about the book, then get first design concepts, then provide feedback, then get the revision etc) authors just browse a collection of ready made designs that designer has made on his/her own. If the premade matches the book closely, then the author can just outright buy it or ask for a preview of it with their details (title, author name, tagline etc). The process is simple and usually done by emails and often takes about 24-48hrs to finish.

With premade covers, designers usually have many designs available. Some have hundreds, few even have thousands of designs on sale. Many premades are rejected versions of custom covers from old projects (the designs author didn’t approve for final design). It makes little sense to delete them when with some changes they can be put on sale and serve as great cover for other book.

Usually, premades are based on genre-specific cliches to let readers easily recognize what genre the book is while also trying to have some originality to it and not be too generic. Designers usually have many designs in one genre and that allows authors to pick from many designs.

Some designers actually make premade book covers full time and don’t even need to do custom covers. It is convenient for them to come up with ideas and just create freely. Then, if there is a book that matches the idea and authors wants the cover, it can be a quick and convenient way to get a book cover.

Premades are most common and were started in self-publishing to give more authors access to great design at reasonable prices.

At the prices are from $50 to $150 per cover. They vary depending on complexity of cover design.

In general industry overview, prices vary quite a lot. The quality ones start at around $30 and go up to $400. Lower price than $30 is crazy and wouldn’t be worth designers’ time to create.

More expensive premades are those that require digital painting skills and/or 3D work and they easily are worth $150-300+ per cover. Most common in Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal covers. Prices are higher but covers often look superb!

Lower priced covers $30-150 are more common in genres where covers don’t need to be super elaborate. Genres like Romance, Thrillers are perfect examples of mostly photomanipulation-only covers (cutting and putting together image elements to create the cover). These usually don’t involve a lot of digital painting and take less time to make. Thus, lower price range.

In general, Premades are an awesome option for indie authors/small publishers to use because you can find premium covers for non-premium custom cover prices. More and more designers are doing them and creating more and more supply so you are quite likely to find something good.

The main difference between custom and premade book covers isn’t quality (most often). It’s that premade covers are made by designers alone, with no information from author on an exact book. Designers take genre specific cliches, tweak them and try to come up with cool designs and cool ideas that could go on a book. If the idea matches someone’s book, the premade gets sold. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t sell.

With Custom covers tho, the process is 100% focused on a particular book, author provides designer with information about it and then designer goes on to make multiple concepts. From there a process of feedback and iterations starts and can take some time. The end result is usually a partnership between designers skills, author wants and market needs (aka what’s selling now and genre cliches).

The cover quality depends on designer mostly, rather than it being premade or custom cover. If the designer has great skills, both their customs and premades will be great most likely. If designer has crappy skills, both covers will be likely crappy. Custom covers do tend to be more elaborate and include more digital painting or 3D work etc. Due to much more time being spent on them. Thus the price differences between custom and premade covers.

There is no best answer really, completely depends on what you want and your circumstances.

If you want a full experience of working with a designer and getting multiple different design options then no reason not to go for it. If your budget and timing allows (if your deadline for publishing isn’t less than 2 weeks).

Premade covers make great sense when:

  1. You don’t have a budget for completely custom cover and it’s under $200. There is a ton of awesome premades available for below that price.
  2. You don’t have much time left before your deadline for publishing. If for some reason you have a week or less to get a book cover, quickly browsing premades and buying something that matches your book will be a lot faster and cheaper than hiring a designer to design covers extra fast. Extra fast means extra pay usually.
  3. You’ve not written the book yet but saw a premade cover that gives you inspiration and idea to write the book in future. Quite a few authors buy them early in that case, some even hoard them. If the cover inspires an idea and helps write it, it might make a lot of sense to get it.

They can definitely have print version added. The price for added print cover (back cover and spine) is $50 on I need page count, page size and back cover blurb information in order to make it. Print versions can also be bought later, not at the same time as ebook covers.

In general, most designers make the ebook cover/front cover first and put it up for sale. Then if author needs and orders the print cover, the designer will make it with no issue and match it to the front/ebook cover. Often, authors release the ebook version first, test the waters, and then decide if they should add the print version. They can always order a print version later on.

Usually the designer charges some fee for print version. But there are some designers who make the cover with print version too, at once. The price often reflects that too (covers with print are more expensive).

Some authors do think that premades and cover templates are the same things. They can sound similar since they are both, technically, pre-made designs – made not as a custom order by an author.

But the main difference is that cover templates are intended to be easily reusable by as many authors as possible.

When designers sell templates, the goal is to have a small product that is easy to sell over and over again while allowing authors to DIY the rest of the cover design. Templates aren’t usually the finished design and they still need tweaking. They are an easier start than starting from blank page. But they aren’t ready to go to Amazon without any customization work.

When designers sell premade covers, the idea is to make a unique cover and sell it to one author but give the author a final design made by a professional that needs no more tweaking. It can go straight to Amazon after designer updates the cover with the book’s title and name details. No need for DIY. Designers even provide ongoing support sometimes, if you need a title change etc.

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