20 Beautiful Non-Fiction Book Cover Designs


Need some inspiration for Non-Fiction book cover design? Here are some of the best designs I’ve found on the internet:


1. Wired for Story – Very simple but very effective. Black and white but still communicates everything needed.

Wired for Story



2. Friend, not Foe – book about typography. Super simple and shows power of gorgeous font and good color/placement.





3. Slim Leadership – great color combination and perfectly picked symbol of leadership. Author name and subtitle don’t distract from the title with that light grey color





4. 23 Things The Don’t Tell You about Capitalism – doesn’t look like non-fiction at first. Bold. Good font choice and great colors.




5. The Big Short – money always gets attention and placed on the hook like that is great concept sending you a certain message (beware of a scam?!)





6. An Ethics of Interrogation – simple is Genius.. ’nuff said..






7. How to be a Woman – gorgeous typography, great portrait used. She stands out already so it was perfect pic for the cover.





8. Buddy, How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man – just so funny… got my attention instantly..






9.  Amelia Lost – brilliant colors, great font choice. Small decorative elements really help here to, so the cover doesn’t look so empty.






10. Evolution – great photomanipulation, colors and text.





11. I’m a Good Dog – now I couldn’t resist this cover if I tried.. I’m a huge fan of dogs and totally love them. That picture just captivates you.. interesting choice for font.


im a good dog



12. Master Your Sleep – brilliant text and how the picture is blended in gradually into white space.





13. Seek and Destroy –  great Photoshop work, great colors and feel of ”old kind” of book.





14. Stiff – wow… one of the boldest covers I’ve seen..





15. The Gettysburg Address – brilliant use of text and white space.




16. How to Find Fulfilling Work – amazing illustration. Gorgeous colors. Original text placement and perspective.





I will be expanding the list of these. So far found only 16 covers. There are others that are great and have been featured on similar posts around the web so I don’t want to be repetitive. Do you have a friend who needs inspiration for book cover design? Share this post with him! 😉



4 thoughts on “20 Beautiful Non-Fiction Book Cover Designs”

  1. Fascinating covers! I really like Slim and Interrogation, for me less is always more!

    1. Adrijus G.

      I don’t always love the minimalism but these are great! 😉

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