Horror | Dystopian | Paranormal Premade Book Covers

Collection of Horror Premade Book Covers, along with Dystopian and Paranormal related genres. Their prices are between $50-100 per cover. Each cover is original and only sold to one author. Covers are in all kinds of sub-genres and you can click on each cover’s image to see a bigger preview.

How it works:

1. Browse and pick the cover or covers you like (you can search covers by entering words into the search field below). There is a ”Add to Wishlist” option where you can add a cover you like for your own browsing later. It does NOT mean that the cover is reserved for you.

2. To order a book cover you like, click on the cover image, and after the new page is loaded for that specific cover, you will be able to pick additional options like a print book cover or audiobook cover, if you need them. Then you can ”Add to Cart” button and you will be directed to My Cart page where you will see all added premades in it. To pay for covers you will need to continue to the ”Checkout” page where you can pay with Paypal or credit card.

3. In about 24hrs I should get in touch with you through email to get details for the cover and/or send you the finalized cover. No one else will be able to buy that premade cover. Ever

4. Alternatively, you can email me the title the covers you want, along with details for the book (author name, title etc) through the contact page and I will send previews first.

What Authors Are Saying:

I’m working to add some more premade horror book covers and, as time goes, more dystopian book covers too. Eventually, my goal is to get to 500 great covers for you to pick from just in these categories. You can search covers by your needed keywords below (for example ”forest” or ”creepy”):