Horror/Dystopia/Paranormal Premade Book Covers

Collection of Premade Book Covers for Horror, Dystopia and Paranormal genres. Each cover costs $70 and is only sold once, first come, first serve. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. So for both, ebook and print covers, you’d pay $120 total. Covers are in all kinds of genres.

How it works:

1. Pick the cover you like and remember the temporary title it has

2. Email me at info@rockingbookcovers.com the title of it along with your details for the book (author name, title etc)

3. In 24-48 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview.

4. Once the design is approved by you, I’ll invoice the payment. After payment is done, I’ll send you the final files

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