Premade Book Covers for Series

If you are looking for series book covers and want to stick to premade covers there are 3 ways to get it done. Below you will find currently available covers and 2 additional options on how they can be made.

*I am working on expanding the selection of premade book covers for series as time goes. I’ve just started making them so there isn’t much here yet.

Romance Premade Book Cover Series

Thriller/Suspense/Crime Premade Book Cover Series

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi Premade Book Cover Series

Coming soon

Option B: Pick any Premades that work and I’ll make them into series

This is a real-life case study of how we serialized premade covers for a thriller series for Kay Hadashi.

She originally picked 4 premade covers and we worked on matching them to a series fell (set by the first cover). These worked to match the content so we needed to make them look the same for a complete match design-wise.

After deciding which cover will set the theme (the first one on top for colors and 2nd one for the text) we are sticking with, I then made all 3 covers match the theme. They turned into these:

Now we had some covers ready, but series needed two more covers to be made from zero. So we used this way to make new ones:

Option C: Pick 1 Premade and get Semi-Customs with it

premade covers for series

We kept the theme in mind and the author let me know what each book is about and what visuals could work and then I worked on different options. After some back-and-forth feedback, we got these two covers on the right and they completed the series!

Want premade book covers for series for yourself?

Feel free to email and inquire about something similar through the Contact page if you want! 😉 For inspiration you can go to see how series covers can look in 4 different ways in this Article.