Some of the book covers I’ve made, separated into book covers and audiobook covers/banners in another section below.

                            romance book cover          H3 C sm Singularity 6 sm CIP 2D smZero G 5 sm Blood Curse sm RFES 8E sm H2 E sm MWKG c smHidden 11 sm Birthday sm Last Roman sm Galactic smLegend sm Daunted 2 sm Friend of Foe smGargoileIncidental sm Punished sm Zombies sm  Freefall sm  Laketown 2  Sherry sm Staff sm  Warped sm Wormhole sm  Other  Badly sm Deep Seas  Genius sm  Heir Journaling sm Kids sm  Mistify  AEH 3  DLF 4B sm  Last Trip sm Maze sm Mazer sm Vulture sm  Merchandise sm  Strategic sm Tiny sm Tough One sm  Undisclosed sm  DR b sm  MoaTG 3 D Hurting B sm  Rampage sm 3U Turns G2 b sm  Humid 3 sm  Risen Light 3 B sm  Fighting Back 2D sm  Affliction Z Descended 6 sm  The Last Uprising 3 sm  Ascenders 9 sm  Death Row sm  God Organ 1 sm  DD5 sm  Change Misproject sm  Mist sm  Warned sm  Ponder sm  Human Forged 2 sm  Anawyn 6b sm  The Job sm  Outpost 17d sm  Digger sn  The Deuce 2 sm  Prodigal Spell C sm  Sudetenland 8e sm  Outpost Season 1 by Finnean Nilsen Projects  DSR2 sm  Finding Their Path 4c8 sm Affliction Z 3e Identification sm Affliction Z Abandoned Hope 10 sm  Alive sm  Into the Cult 9 small  The Finder 10b sm  Sons of the Gods 2 sm  Bound by Blood sm  In the Path of Judgment sm Lethal Journey 400 Behind Closed Doors Dark Waters Deadly Waters  The Evil That Men Do sm  When One Man Dies sm  Not Even Past B small  Witness to Death small  Death from Below 600  Demons from Hell small  Silo 7 Complete Collection B sm  Plague of Grace sm  Shards sm  Castling sm  Mate 3 sm  Pawn Storm sm The Defectors 600 Numbers  Rachels Gun  Blood of the Assassin sm  Return of Assassin sm  King of Swords 600  Night of the Assassin Small  Revenge of the Assassin sm  Healer 600  Harvester Final 600  Mediator 600  Silver Justice 600  A Demons Redemption   A Necromancers Madness   Succubus Lost  The Painting Final 600 He Drinks Poison Final 620  WJ4 650

MoaTG Full Final sm  WJ Full 1000  The Reckoning Full 700  Into the Cult Full FTP   Unholy Trinity Full sm Unholy Trinity Revelations Full sm  His Only Hope Final 600 TBWY2 small OTB 1000 TLYM 1000 Gandy Dancer by J.Andrews  A Song for the Dead Full sm  Like an Animal Full sm

audiobook covers and banners

Return of the Assassin Audiobook sm Revenge of the Assassin Audiobook sm  Boxed Audiobook small

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