We help ambitious people with great creative career goals get better book covers… Our goal for 2020 is to help 100 000 authors! Not necessarily by selling book cover designs, but by also providing great information about book cover design. Not an easy task, but hey, we only live once, so why not aim high!

As far as the actual book cover design, if we work together, we want to take your vision, our ideas, skills and experience and make something that is different and better than the competing book covers. We will suggest ideas and tips, explain design principles if some of your ideas won’t be possible to do, but we won’t override your final decision. If you want to work with us, check out Pricing page and get in touch! 😉

About Me

I’m Adrijus and I’m a big reading, creativity, business, and music fan. I love all things Creative and working with Adobe Photoshop. I’ve been a book cover designer for over 8 years and I’m now expanding into author website designs too because author websites are lagging behind book covers.

Design work started off as a passion for me, working on my own at home, making desktop wallpapers about basketball. But in 2012 after getting fired from the day job I had to choose… look for another soul-sucking job… or chase my dream and become a freelance designer instead. So I went with it and focused on Book Cover Design and working with indie authors.

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