Bestselling Premade Book Covers for Sale

Hello! If you’re looking for an inexpensive premade book cover that can help you book become a bestseller, I have a collection of over 2000 of premade covers available for sale! They come in many genres and subgenres and are a great alternative if you can’t spend money on a custom book cover yet, as they only cost $70. Each cover design is only sold to one author, so it’s first come, first serve situation.

All premade covers are also original and don’t use any templates.

If you need to make a print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. So for both, ebook and print covers, you’d pay $120 total.

How it usually works:

1. Pick the genre you need and click on those preview covers

2. Pick the premade book cover you like and remember the temporary title it has

3. Email me at the title of it along with your details for the book (author name, title etc)

4. In 24-48 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview.

5. Once a design is approved by you, I’ll invoice the payment. After payment is done, I’ll send you the final files

If you are interested in buying more than 1 Premade Book Cover, here are Bulk prices (you do NOT have to buy them all at once, you can use one cover now and 2 covers later etc):

premade book cover prices

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Premade Book Covers Separated Into Genres (Click to See More):




Young Adult/Fantasy/SciFi 



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Join Premades VIP Club and get a $10 discount for each Cover you'd buy!