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This is the place where book cover designers usually write how awesome we are, that we have awards this, bestseller badges, and all that jazz… It’s not why you’re here probably! So let’s focus on what you want instead – getting great book covers for self-publishing awesome books! Whether you’re interested in ordering a new book cover design or want to make better, more educated decisions when picking covers and hiring book cover designers, I’d be glad help.

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If you’d like to get collaborate with us on making an awesome cover for you, check out our Custom Book Covers section.

If you’d like to stick with a budget of under $200, check out our Premade Book Covers! Affordable and often quickest option to get book covers for self-publishing these days.

Learn About Book Covers

Get better at recognizing book cover quality and designers’ skills by learning more about book cover design. It’s a crucial skill for indie authors and will help you hire better designers, pick the right cover or DIY your own cover. Read our Book Cover Design Advice Articles to learn more.

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Can you tell a good self-published book cover from a bad one? The better you are at distinguishing cover quality the more likely you are to hire the right designer and pick better covers. Test your cover skills with our 10-question Quiz!