What’s RBC?

RockingBookCovers.com was created to improve book cover design standards for those who don’t have one of Big 5 Publisher company behind them, doesn’t matter if you’re Self-Published author, Hybrid-Published or are a Indie Publisher etc.¬†A lot of book covers have been stale and boring and I think they should be in the same level as multi-million dollar budget Movie Posters. If not better! ūüėČ ¬†And while book cover quality has improved a lot, there are still lots of ugly covers.¬†I hope RBC will hopefully play a part in making things better.

I want to take your ideas, my vision and make something that is different and better than the competition. My job is to come up with the best possible cover design.¬†I will suggest ideas and tips, explain design principles if some of the author’s ideas won’t be feasible, but I won’t override your final decision (I may make an additional design to show how it would work better). So the final decision is on the author.

Making a gorgeous book cover is a collaboration and little bit of a ‘dance’ between author’s vision and designer’s skill and insight. With effective and¬†frequent¬†communication the result can be great! It’s not super easy, but it’s worth it!


About Me

I’m Adrijus and I’m a big reading, creativity, business, and music fan. I love all things Creative and working with Adobe Photoshop. I’ve been in a book cover designer for over 6 years and I’m now expanding into author website designs. It started off as a passion working on my own at home, making desktop wallpapers about basketball. But in 2012 after failing a business and getting fired from the day job (both at the same time) I was at the crossroads… look for another soul-sucking job… I decided to become a freelance designer instead (something I’ve always wanted) and focused on Book Cover Design and working with¬†Authors.¬†In 2018, my personal goal is to make RBC into the world’s best book cover design resource for authors. Just like Authors, I want to live off of my creative passion and make a dent in the Universe(and hopefully make a big one!).



Adrijus G.