Collection of Premade Book Covers that cost $60. Each cover is only sold once, first come, first serve. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. So for both, ebook and print covers you’d pay $110 total. Covers are in all kinds of genres.

How it works:

1. Pick the cover you like and remember the temporary title it has

2. Email me at the title of it along with your details for the book (author name, title etc)

3. In 24-48 hrs I’ll send you an updated version for preview.

4. Once design is approved by you, I’ll invoice the payment. After payment is done, I’ll send you the final files

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RBC Testimonial 8



                                                    layan jail-break bounty bills charmed cold-truth framed wretched left rushed baller shocker graceless fitest equalizer nexi weirds sound-of-silence breaker reputation mira eternal freeman code-monkeys night-shift storm-cloud impulses way-through miron executors helsing knowhere assault surprises headline manboy franky witness pills casey sneak life-and-death awakening trown brewing-trouble glamour andrade pretty-cold everglades lounge belows rough-roads lead clowns patient-nine offville distraught riley forced-to-survive marky undercover raisa disastrous savages hide-out big-trouble bodies city-run ridealong wildlife unknowns melina dinah walls superfan isla angriest intriguing hooked over normalized piper qualer scrubs deputy toy-girl keen zelda sublimation kelly warmaster anita messina demi escalate fuming coco mike imogen danger-to-society depressions adrenaline-rush murderous Last Chance Districts Brock What Saraya Toughness Ward 8 Lifers Johns Sons of Anarchy Sludgefest Mist Scare Jenine Vital Stats Strongly Hikes Musings Sleepies Bobby Moon Man Friendly Monsters Displacement Revelation Hypnotica Arctical Charmaine Black Market Vortex Athena August Biters Disintegrate Stronghold Fallen Problem Shatterdome Abagnale Tammy Hapless Happy Few Megastar Molly Hustlers Paradise Distant Initiations Lowdown Baron Lena Mayhem Trial Error Escapist Billy Joe Manhattan Story Furion Feminine Sweet Soul Kathy Vaguely Neddard Sati Pointless Sargeant Episodic Gianna Marcy Metaphysical Leyla Ceremonial Rejected Kendra Slayer Mindy Simone Dominator Maulington Creek Taylor Frenemy Cruiser Mangler Unnatural Basketcase Misproject Stinger Demonboy Unhinged Leaver Gatesville Headspace Rising Headrush Queensbury Disrespectful Bringing Trouble Delivered Reaper Creeper Potions Madder Ingenious Evelyn Grifter Crazy Skilled Forgotten Madhouse Broken Dream Shopaholic Skipper Mistresses Winter Soldier Sibling Trickster Astral Case Closed Satanic Agony Blood Sport Milena Heathens Maker Off-Kilter William Arianna Daniela Essentials Credos Languish Brides Marcela Drowned Crazer Skeletons Love Song Distraction Big Boy Sorrow Craven Creepster Imager Dreadfull Danica Pamela Praylist Dileta Gillian Sinner Starlet Melania Puppet Master Penelope Treaty Hudson Veronique Kristen Goalless Strenuous Toils Good Luck Artsy Relation Teresa Offered Wondrous Limitless Diviner Marry Winner Florence The Other Lake Beasty Blackwood Ethical Daisy Turned People Person Darkest One Sunny Critics Above & Beyond Gothics Remover Unrealistic Miss Independent Message Energetic Harsher Boggie Boris Fires Erica Master Introduction Discoverers Healings Make Believe Ingrate Wild West Orana Perceptive Wally Wildly Different Scribbles LNS NSM Sandra Deadwalks Overnight Helpdesk Holiness Interrogator Excited Instigate Russell Minx Beyond Mortal Huckster Petra Afternoon Discovery Golden Boy Bay of Hope Grove True Colors Jackson Crystal Ectos Drifters Icy People Bradley Lifeless Predator Trapings Ambrosia Colds Absentee Selfless Intensity Deaths Home Years Ago Dirty Boy Storyteller Unpopular Crushers Stalkish Inside Out Mutiple Futures Wasters Warpath Silenced Absence Defeats Pretties Beneath Capitalize Day & Night Fantasies Flocking Motivated Racket Resonance Roadside Socialite Tester Tryhard Uptown Wisconsin 5 Miles Under Unwanted Snow Burn Sideways Shopings Realms Reacher Instagrams Entrance Electro Creepers Climbers Canyons Believer Beautiful People Wrong Way Veterans Trevor Spelunking Crypts Mistakes Twists Wasteland Park Day Melodramas Foxroad Fitly Farmville Decoupling Debts Yoga Weeping Lady Trial Treason Traps Short Man Seductress Scaries PI Files Norma Kills Journey Intents Inner Critic Incursion Hostile Hollows Hearts Grosely Goals Get It Finding Kelly Festive Engineers Dramas Doubters Distance Developers CFO Caroline Breakdowns Blindsided Bad Side Average Appetizer Dead Planet Watchmen Tropical Lies SPy Tracker Malice El Jefe 2 Dead Person File Codename Called Wins and Loses Student Nobody Fairy Killer Monumental Coldest Day Dynamic Terrors Standouts Slaved Hassan Bleeders Pride Popular Pinned Walled Tampering Testers Wrong Lady Pissy Grinding Security Shuffler Micro Rise Up Bullet Gunner Looking Saviour Urban Legend Locksmith Iced Tasting Seduced Rush Hour Normal Lights Out Speed Addiction 600 Virus Model Fugitive Bridgeport Celebs Challenger Combustion Contraction Demons Inside Sacrifice Seller Sublime Sweet Dreams Thrifty Unsteady Unstuck Whiplash Valentina Weightless Torment Surfs Ritualistic Maniac Dirty Faces Cleiton BBQ Above Broken Vacation Evacuation Squadron Waiting Helpers Once Upon Secure Shielded Wrong Side Couple Fainter Givers Rest Up Throned Untamed Standout Sofia Proximate Paul the Great Matched Desirable Cutthroat Views Sacrificed Route 55 Rebels Placed Paparazzi On the Line Oldens Newcomer Jumpy Imports Greetings Generator Carer Trifle Toffer Solids Rumbles Shinning Sleepy Hollow Konikovs Holograms Gym Talk Dame Gathers Against You Angry Drive Deepest Waters Denials Laytown Parktown Uniques Attempt Invida Devils Hand Dixie Earliest Mystery Light Queeny VIP Day I Die Detacher Modicum Tracers Dominika Believing Constrains Crossover Francine Galant Head Games Megan Mercy Less Quietly Release Spelldust Sweet Guy Abstinent Icons Morning Off Mystic Mac Obsessions Cura Angsty Everland Hope Avenue Shyness Visiting Lights Wherabouts Devastators Hunter Stories Johnson Range The Sphere Treshold Wood Calls Scavengers Parting Ways Nida Leftover Elle Colder Chaotic Celebrities Back Again Cosplay Crucial Desperate Floweress Gutter Incredibles Joyous Long Distance Vitals Supporter Strange Energy Randomness Grand Plan Fox Queen Firestarter Come Undone Asking Selma Clever Speeder Blizzard Drago Fielding Offers No Sense Occult Target Acquired Radiatrix Meal Time Sould Tied The End Tunnels Anything 2050 Amanda Beaches Deadly House Dreamers Instructed Maggy Project L Split Up Adventures Feed Me Fighting Girl Magica Outsiders Patroling Roaring Stuardess Trisha Troubled Jane Axel Distanced Fancy One Huntsville Restless The Fall Victoria Dazzling Jasmin Season Thea Unmissable Devin Final Note High Risk Magical Spell Patient Zero Prodigal Spell 2 SW The Gypsy Under Stress Without Mercy Last Note 2 Crafty Creepo Dramatics Mayday Messages Places Starter Threat Assessment Tremblings Weddings Troubling Brutus Urban Myth Dreaded Ghost of Me Gnarly Happy Hour Rachel Skull Course Van Zant Wait for Her Destiny Blurred Run Off Climb Off Collected Crisis sm Gladiators Gretyl Jessy League Madonna Medium Operator X Overtime Trophy One Unmerciful Atalante Contact Drunkos Fairy Deal Done Happening Loud Signal Mercenaries Phase III Savers Stormsick Iced Out Ageless Bator Cindy Constance Damned Dropped Golden Knocker Magicians Reserves Sensual Shaker Tessa Picture Perfect Honey Workers Tireless Versus Sabbatical No Luck Judgement Londoner Hard Hits Games Played Faux Collissions Crowned Acting Antarctic Blood God Gestapo Hunt Season Mediocre Permanence Pharaohs Present Ruthless Sentinels Stranded Weekend Dupree Snow Storm Fraction Test Drive Trippin Withdrawn Creeptown Crush Bay Area Boyhood Central Goths Inevitable Made Up Months Rebeling Sailors Vacations Virtuals Waves Calculate Cavers Discoveries Let You Go Meet Point Movement NYC Observer  Railroad Regulars Shipwreck Slopes Spineless Upstream All Night Drowsy Merchants Mister Morning Motors Plenty Public Shanghai Smarts Tired Redline Take Back Arrogant Changes Distractions Access Austin Brittle Dating Impact Invaders Ladies Options Rocks Seasons Settled Skipped Square Stellar Talkers Trackless Amazon Deaf One Mercury Missy Mystique Robots Tricky Nothing Teammates Squating Number Franko Junior Aliby Bootcamp Consumed Dizzy Knockout Poltergeist Whiner Forever Here Immoral NAVY Wicked For the Kill Jams Miriam Stafford Troika Poker Vegas Losing Sleep Holidays Line Up Leftovers Gamers Dummy Race Brian Deuces Drunk Games Lip Service Sight Biz Dev Follow Shrieking Issued Trials Trophies Modeling Stronger Statues Stalling Frisky Dreams Autobahn Miles Roadies Brothers Chances Princesita Apocalypse Chased Hostess Implode Setback Dutchess Hooligan Soldier of Fortune Terrible Blackie Misery Ginger Stories Lazies Archeology Pyros Reactions Spread Kristine Sovereign Ambushed Sarah Scholars Sweeper Rowdy Arabic Cat CBX Check Up Glory Thrill Zone Crazy Ones Shrinks Miranda Swordy Snitch Wrath Gen Y Judy Last Shot Hikers Jillian Rabid Skyfall Caged Frowner Rocker Lively Maskings Princess Secretive Silicon Valley Stash Storied Dodgy Lackeys MoaTG Mobs Sterility Tiffany Staged Happy Not Me Effect Round 10 Stricken Stunts Survivor UFO 55 AntiHero Bullets Mistified Revolt Contageon Airbourne Forces Jack Hammer Joker Squad A Stoners Stormers Hydra Dead Dream Bother Offender WTF Honest Man X Commandos Ms Amazon Jackal Melani Foreigner Private Eye Special Unknown Deserter Negative Trapper Winners Club Dirty Tricks Panic War Time Bitch Kovenant Deadly Business Frida Ancient Gold Edge Lab Rat Traitor Launch Underdog Lucifer Turning Spill Bacteria Blamer Jody Atomix Bridge Dreamy Hightower Owner Pilots Tram Lines Trenches Troops Winter Tale Maniacs Ruse Getto Gotham Hercules Instrument Jumper Kaizen Blow Bossman Cut Off Dozer Victor Crowds Enemy Lines Safehouse Starburst 12 Rounds China Town Magician Trainer sm Bloody Diaries sm Thrice 3 sm DNA Abandon Codebreaker Pretty Face Crossing Dark Winter Drone Explore Found Things Getting Closer Maryland Swerve Warzone Champ Ace Anonymous Passing By Guests Hello Collector Hunger Mogul Story Tunnel Wonderlust Freedom 600 Sick Fun 600     



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