[Quiz] Can You Tell a Good Book Covers from a Bad Ones?

Knowing how to tell the difference between good book covers and bad ones is a crucial skill. But an underrated and hard one to get if you don’t practice design skills often, it’s easy to fall in love with a cool design idea, but not know that it’s not executed well!

This book cover quiz is designed to give you basic insights into your own cover judging skills. Without good skills here you are risking not only picking bad covers for your books, but even hiring the wrong designer too. If you can only judge designers by price, and if you like them, then that will not be ideal.

I hope you’ll enjoy this short and not a very hard quiz. This is a good starter and I intend to create more advanced quiz in future.

If you can get 8 or more answers right, that means you can tell the basic level of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ book cover and that is a good start. If you get less correct answers, then you need to read up a bit more on book cover design and then retake it.

And if you’d like to prepare a bit for it, I’d suggest reading this article book cover design mistakes first!

The answers to quiz questions will be available on the results page, which will be shown after you answer all 10 questions. There will be a link to it and you will be able to see all the right answers so you can know what tripped you up!

And don’t feel too bad if you score badly! It’s just a start and you are not a designer(most likely) so you are not equipped with the right skills yet. It comes from experience and reading more educational content like my articles.

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