Before buying a book cover design, there are some things that would be good to know. Reading the following articles will help you make a better-educated decision when hiring a book cover designer (whether it is me or any other designer..). From tips on how to work with a cover designer to what makes a good book cover design, I hope these article will be useful to you!


Book Cover Design Checklist

Book Cover Design Checklist – before even hiring a designer, each author should know what their cover needs and what designers usually hope to get, in terms of information, from the author. This article will share 18 things that authors can prepare and have ready when working with a cover designer. The Checklist is available as a download if you want, ready to be used in future!

12 Things to Expect When Hiring a Book Cover Designer

12 Things to Expect When Hiring a Book Cover Designer – if you’ve never hired a cover designer or had a poor prior experience, this is a list of things to expect and look for. Working together is not just about design talent, but also teamwork. Knowing what a designer should bring to the table will help set realistic expectations and will help you hire the right designer (because there are many many many designers but finding the right one is the bigger problem).

5 Different Ways to Brand Book Covers for Series

5 Different Ways to Brand Book Covers for Series – this is a post for how to visually brand the covers when you are writing a book series. This should inspire some ideas for your covers and make the process easier. It features visual examples too!

Behind the Scenes: Redesigning a Book Cover

Behind the Scenes: Redesigning a Book Cover – in this article I share a real case study of how I redesigned a book cover for a client. Cover DIY and was holding back sales a bit. In here I show Before/After pictures and process it took to go from start to finish.


50 Beautiful Fiction Book Cover Designs – I’ve collected 50 gorgeous book cover designs that I think are a great inspiration. Added some short comments on why each works well!


20 Beautiful Non-Fiction Book Cover Designs – A collection of around 20 designs for Non-Fiction covers that I think work great. Check them out for some inspiration!


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